čtvrtek 4. září 2008

Dialogue with heaven

hi there! hola! ahoj! how are you? como estas? jak se mas?

hi there... mam se blbe, no estoy muy bien, no soy feliz, i am in hard depression, sorry

oh! im sorry to hear that...

yeah... but what can i do with it? ...

i dont know... may i ask why you feel so bad?
my heart is broken

i see... and how did it happen?

he does'n and didn't love me... (i don't know how long... i don't want to know it...) he lived two lifes, one with me, and the second with his friends from village and these two lifes were so different, that he finished one of them...

and how long were you together?

two years and a quarter

thats quite a long time... I understand how you feel...

unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to make you feel better, other than let you tell me how you feel.

i think i don't accept it yet

it is just few days

how old are you?

only seventeen

you are so young! you will get over it, you'll see. just try not to think too much about it. I know that sounds silly, but it really works

i really trust you
i think that i know it... i am trying dont think about that, but... how can i do that...

it is not easy, of course, but im sure you have friends, and you must go to school and stuff, just concentrate harder on that.

yeah... byt my ex boyfriend is from the same classroom

its so hard

oh! that makes it more difficult! but you don't have to speak to him...

yeah, i do not have to, and i cannot too, really...

yeah, and im sure you have friends there


thats always good, im sure they will be able to help you.

they are super, i love them... they really help me in these days...

you see? you are going to feel much better soon...

yeah... i see... but the worst thing is that i still love him...

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